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Polecamy w Warszawie:
Frederic Chopin’s Tour: Zelazowa Wola - Brochów

The year 2010 marks the 200th anniversary of Frederic Chopin's birth. Chopin and his work makes us Poles proud. He was born in the Warsaw area and then grew up in Warsaw which he later missed while abroad. Warsaw and its surroundings are the best place to search the roots of Chopin's family as it all started here....



1. Zelazowa Wola - Frederic Chopin's birthplace

Żelazowa Wolais a village on the Utrata River in the Masovian Voivodship, about 60 km west of Warsaw. The village is the birthplace of Frederic Chopin -world famous pianist and composer. It is known for its picturesque Mazovian landscape, and numerous winding streams surrounded by willows and hillocks. A museum devoted to Chopinis located in the preserved annex of the former manor of the Chopin family, surrounded by a beautiful park. In summer, oper-air piano concerts of Chopin's musicare performed by pianists from all over the world (available free of charge from May till the end of September on Sundays at 12.00 and 15.00)


2. Brochów - Chopin's baptism place

Brochówis situated nearly 10 km from Zelazowa Wola, the Chopin’s birthplace. It is a village strongly associated with the family of Chopin. In this church Frederic’sparents got married, as well is his oldest sister, Ludwika.The composer himself was baptized in Brochówchurch on April 23rd, 1810. In the parish archivesoriginal documents can be found -marriage certificate of Nicholas Chopin and Justyna Krzyżanowska (Chopin’s parents), marriage certificate Chopin’s sister -Ludwikaand the baptismcertificate of Frederic Chopin.


Additional versions + optional:

+1h -lunch in Żelazowa Wola

+ 2-3 h-Chopin’s route in WarsawIf


If you have more time the tour may be prolonged by additional 2-3 hours to see places in Warsaw connected to Frederic Chopin:

- places he lived, learned, gave concerts,

- F. Chopin Museum and reconstruction of family apartment, 

- The Holy Cross church where his heart was placed,

- monuments and others.



  Group     Price per person   Price per person

   size         (ŻW + Brochów)          + Warsaw

  1 pax            160 EUR                     240 EUR

  2 pax               80 EUR                     120 EUR

  3 pax               60 EUR                       80 EUR

  4 pax                45 EUR                      60 EUR

 5-12 pax           40 EUR                       55 EUR

13-18 pax          35 EUR                       40 EUR

19-25 pax          30 EUR                       30 EUR

26-34 pax          20 EUR                       25 EUR

35-45 pax          15 EUR                       20 EUR


Price includes: guiding service, tax, transportation, parking fees

Additional costs:

¶elazowa Wola entrance fee (5.5 EUR* per person)

Chopin’s Museum in Warsaw (5.5 EUR* per person)

* admissions for 2010



This itinerary is only an example which we can change according to your needs. Please contact us so we tailor a programme exclusively for you.

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