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Polecamy w Warszawie:
Radziwill Palace in Nieborów and romantic Arkadia Park


1. Radziwill Palace in Nieborów

The palace in Nieborow was built during the years 1690-1696 by one of the greatest Baroque architects, the Dutchman Tylman van Gameren. Helena and Michal Radziwill are responsible for the palace current classical appearance, the result of reconstruction work done in the late 18th cent. Elements of the palace were last reconstructed during the years 1921-1930 by Janusz Radziwill, and since then the residence has remained virtually unchanged, and preserves the original interiors of its 18th and 19th cent. rooms. The palace belonged to the Radziwill family until 1945; after WW2 a museum was opened with a lovely park with Baroque gardens surrounding the palace.


2. Romantic Arkadia Park

A 7 km linden tree alley leads from Nieborow to the romantic English style park of Arkadia laid out in the 18th century by Princess Helena Radziwill, the lady of Nieborow palace. The park is full of various decorative elements and rare specimens of trees and shrubs. In the words of its creator, the park was to be an 'idyllic land of peace and happiness'... and so it is until today.


Additional option + 1 hour time needed nearby Łowicz town

In summer, especially during the elaborate celebration of Corpus Christi, it is worth while to visit the nearby town of Łowicz, with its originally Gothic collegiate church (15th century), remodelled later several times. Łowicz is a well known centre of folk arts and crafts, but the most spectacular event of the region is the long Corpus Christi procession - most of its participants are dressed in traditional, colourful costumes - additional time needed.



           Grup size          Price per person

             1 pax                     240 EUR

             2 pax                     120 EUR

             3 pax                       80 EUR

             4 pax                       60 EUR

            5-6 pax                     55 EUR

           7-12 pax                    50 EUR

          13-18 pax                   40 EUR

          19-25 pax                   30 EUR

          26-34 pax                   25 EUR

          35-45 pax                   20 EUR


Price includes: guiding service, tax, transportation, parking fees

Additional costs:

Arkadia Park entrance fee (2 EUR* per person)

Nieborów park and palace entrace fee (4 EUR* per person)

* admissions for 2010


This itinerary is only an example which we can change according to your needs. Please contact us so we tailor a programme exclusively for you.

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